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Learning Outdoors

PEI is committed to providing every K-12 student in Washington with the opportunity to learn outdoors through our innovative partnerships with school districts.

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Professional Development

PEI provides the highest quality professional development to educators in Washington, enabling them to bring their students into the outdoors.

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Community Connections

PEI builds connections for schools to local business, industry, & community organizations for real-world learning opportunities.

Want to Contribute?

Become a part of the impact PEI is having on educators and students in Washington. Let's get them outside!

Get to know our faculty.

PEI is proud to work with a task force of Washington’s brightest educators and providers of educator professional development to develop the state’s leading outdoor curriculum frameworks.

Faculty Profiles


Decades of academic research and studies have proven the effectiveness of PEI’s programs. Find out how we are meeting student and educator needs by bringing them outdoors.

FieldSTEM Guides

PEI offers rigorous, extensive guides for educators on conducting field experiences with their students in the outdoors. These frameworks introduce educators to PEI’s FieldSTEM framework.

Our Network

PEI is constantly expanding and strengthening its network in Washington State, connecting educators, administrators, and community stakeholders to outdoor learning.