Informal Educator Services

Community Connections

PEI builds community connections between schools and local organizations, businesses and industry. These links between the classroom and community give students a chance to explore future careers, build a sense of place and build critical thinking skills needed for the next generation.

PEI builds these connections by integrating community-based explorations into teacher professional development, linking teachers to the expertise in their own backyard.

  • Nest Analysis Lab 004
  • Rain Garden Site Visit and Meeting 003
  • Rain Garden Site Visit and Meeting 003
  • SMALLER Rain Garden Site Visit and Meeting 015

Informal Educators Programs

PEI believes that learning in the real world provides students with signature experiences they will remember long after they return to the classroom. By building Informal Educator skills and understanding of Washington State Learning Standards, PEI makes it possible for programs in the environment and natural resources to connect to classroom learning.

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