Professional Learning

PEI provides the highest quality professional development to educators in Washington, enabling them to bring their students into the outdoors.

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FieldSTEM Resources

Access guidance for developing field experiences and explore our toolkit to learn more about what you have been missing.

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Our Network

PEI builds connections for schools to local business, industry, & community organizations for real-world learning opportunities.

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Access resources for implementing the most current information about the education standards.

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Message from the Executive Director

PEI celebrated two retirements this fall. Both gatherings brought together people from across the state who have been working together for twenty or more years to ensure that students, all students, have opportunities to get outdoors and apply their learning in real-world contexts. I was surrounded by people who committed their careers to build the infrastructure to ensure that Washington State students develop science literacy and learn to listen to the diverse perspectives in their communities, so they can effectively participate in community dialogue and decision making. At one event, I spoke with a middle school FieldSTEM teacher that works with 135 students each day. Multiply that by a 30-year teaching career, and that teacher reached over 4,000 students. One teacher makes a difference. In contrast, the teacher that taught next door was not comfortable taking his classroom outdoors, for that reason, another 4,000 students missed the opportunity to develop skills for environmental, economic and social sustainability decision making and problem-solving. PEI want to increase the odds for all students by reaching all teachers. 

Our mission is to empower educators, to equip them with the skills and confidence they need to transition their classroom to an active learning environment where kids help find answers to real community-based questions and engineer solutions to local problems or issues. As we move into our Year-End Campaign season, I ask each of you to consider how you can help make it possible for all students to take learning outdoors. A financial donation to PEI means your contribution will work to empower teachers, a critical need to ensure a future generation of problem solvers ready to address the complex issues of an increasing population living on a finite land base. 


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Thank you to the Tulalip Tribes for featuring PEI at their 2016 Raising Hands Dinner. This gift was made possible by the Tulalip Tribes Cares Charitable Fund”.