PEI’s strength is in building the capacity of educators to get students outdoors, learning in real-world and community connected environments.

PEI brings benefits to educators by:

  • Providing actual applications of how to put integrated learning into action.
  • Building instructional confidence by providing tools to implement new learning immediately in their classrooms or programs.
  • Engaging the community (educators, business and industry) and local environment as resources for learning.
  • Implementing FieldSTEM® programs that help students:

    •    experience opportunities to connect interdisciplinary content, concepts and skills in the context of their community;
    •    apply critical and creative thinking skills to analyze issues and seek solutions;
    •    engage in stewardship projects that enhance or sustain the ecosystem and economy;
    •   consider careers in the environment, natural resource and agriculture sectors.


FieldSTEM® is a set of guided investigations, projects and reporting done outdoors that easily accommodate any content in environmental education.

PEI works with Washington’s education system, providing tools that meet current and developing state educational requirements such as NGSS and Common Core, and collaborating with School Districts to bring our broad suite of FieldSTEM® tools and resources to address the specific needs and goals of each district. Our experienced faculty and broad network bring innovative solutions to the challenges and opportunities facing K-12 schools in the 21st century. Our end goal is that every student in Washington has the chance to use the outdoors as a learning laboratory, and those students become the future stewards of our environment and communities.

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