We build connections for schools to local business, industry, & community organizations for real-world learning opportunities.

Partner with PEI

We build community connections between schools, local organizations, agencies and the natural resources industries of our state. These connections give students a chance to build a sense of place, explore local career opportunities and develop the critical thinking skills needed for our next generation of decision-makers who will consider ecosystems, community and economic tradeoffs.

We also empower teachers to embed career connected learning into their classroom units and create opportunities for students to engage in field-based science and engineering. When community partners work with PEI and teachers, they help create awareness of promising jobs in the community and clarify the types of skills a student needs to be hired. Career connected learning helps students plan for a successful future and it helps local businesses look forward to a skilled and inspired workforce. A win-win for communities!

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If you would like to talk with us about collaborating to bring locally relevant, career connected, outdoor STEM learning in your region, please contact us.

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