By the Numbers

Annual Report

We invite you to review the details the achievements and progress made by the Pacific Education Institute and its members in 2016. This report is a great resource to learn about PEI’s mission, our vision, education resources, premier events, financial information, and more.  

The Annual Report is designed to be an easily shareable resource that provides background on PEI’s activities and accomplishments. Enjoy a look at how Washington State’s leader in professional learning has been doing its part to integrate FieldSTEM into classrooms and support its educators. 


PEI publishes e-newsletters for our community, featuring fresh insights related to our FieldSTEM® work. There is something for everyone. Educators will discover unique resources, educational tips, national STEM holidays with suggested activities, and upcoming PEI workshops. Sponsors can read about the programs they support and the students they have impacted and learn which peers are also partnering and contributing through our feature stories, and all environment and educational professionals see trending topics from the natural resources, agriculture and environment sectors. There is no cost to subscribe and you can also opt out at any time.

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